Senin, 25 April 2011


Aditya Siti Nurjanah, S.H.I
Born in Klaten, 29 of August 1986
The 2nd of princess from three sisters


1991-1992         : Tk pertiwi I Banyuripan Bayak Klaten central java.
1992-1998         : Elementary school I Banyuripan Bayat Klaten central java.
1998-2004         : ITTC at Gontor Modern Darussalam Sambirejo Mantingan
  Ngawi  in east java.
2004-2008         : -Faculty of Syariah And Law Departmen Of Comparative Ma-
                     -Education Act IV UID (University Islam Darussalam) at
                      Gontor Siman.

The Work And Experience

·        2004-2010    : teaching lecture at all Gontor for girls.
·        Teaching english lessons at Bimble Genesis (2011) Jakarta.
·        She was teacher in english and arabic lessons at Gontor for girls one Mantingan and for girls five Kediri Fc for six years.
·        She was like organize and seminars.

Favorite Food

·        Meat ball
·        Gado-gado
·        Fried Rice

Be an useful people because we are live in this world not alone.

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