Rabu, 23 April 2014

Beginning Of Trying

         One day, in the afternoon. When I was hangout with my friends. Suddenly my father text me. He hold me to try selling the pulse, the first thing that crossed in my mind is feeling awkward and shy to sell. But, my father gives some response to me with some words. He told me don’t be ashamed to sell. Because the prophet Muhammad SAW also selling white spread the religion of moslem in jazirah arab. Then at that time, I’m trying to selling the pulse with the first capital Rp50.000. For a child who still sitting in ten grade in senior high school in September 2007. Sense of awkward and shy covered up myself to get the first buyer. Within three days, it’s so difficult to get the first buyer.
       I don’t know. Suddenly I shouted “Do you want to buy my pulse?”hhaaa, so crazy! I immediately responded to 10 my of my friends who were in the class and instantly, 50.000 runs out in my phone. I felt so happy on that day, but I felt so sad because with 50.000 I just get the profi not more than Rp6000. Suddenly, on that way I want to stopped selling pulse because the profits that I get are very far from expectation an advice that I got from my parents is in running a business should be coupled with patiense and perseverance. On that day. I decided to continue selling pulse by always remembering that advice.
         Time flies passed 7 years in running this bussines until I sat in college and many things thai I get with the implementation of all strategies of many competitors who are able to manage financially with independent, can be oriented forward on, how to build on existing funds and so on. I guess by selling the pulse, we can reduce pocket money from our parents. Especially for students because it all makes us encourage and motivated to try the other business.

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