Rabu, 23 April 2014

Drove At A Speed 120 Km/h

      Riding motorcycle with cylinder capacity 150 cc is an invaluable pleasure for some boys including my self. This experiences happened when I was grade 9 in junior high school. Who at first wanted to feel the excess adrenaline. I did the trip in Cilangkap, East Jakarta with Satria FU 150 motorcycle. I’m very exited to spur the motorcycle with a speed 120 km/h when the road is empty.
       That’s all I do every week because on that day the streets is quiet and could spur with high speed. On the way back to home there is a teenager who also spur his bike at high speed. I don’t want to lose at the time. When I stopped at a red light I asked him to compete with distance 500 meters. Unexpectedly, I won but basically this is all just for fun and it’s not good to be emulated.
       I did three months until I stopped doing the activity spurred motorcycle. Because there are no benefits and only damage the motorcycle it self and most importantly, it,s just waste the fuel. More over, the fuel that I used is still asking from my parents to buy three liters of premium.

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