Kamis, 05 Juni 2014

2014 Election

         2014 is the year of politics where the owners of competing interest seeking community support. If needed they comes and if it does not need to be abandoned even as the starving dog left to die by the side of the road. But, in 2014 the community presented by leaders consisting of two camps, each of which has a high electability in each region.
          This is all of course be interesting. Especially the return of one of the military who run for president. Election in 2014 was a lot of talk about the black campaign which aims to drop from each aponent. I think this would make public antipathy arise again and could make a percentage of non-voters or golput rises.
          It should, the black campaign in the 2014 presidential election is not necessary because it could lead echoed public opinion into harm doctrine let the voting public, who deserve to lead this country. Which will appear on the chosen leader of the people. Spesifically the leader who trully sincere and willing to work for society.
          Hopefully, with the election of a new leader who can bring fresh air. Especially able to create new jobs, and most importantly, can prosecute criminals in this country. Because this problem is made complicated issues that always cost the state. Because it is proper application of the death punishment for a corrupt person like that has been done in the land of China.

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