Rabu, 25 Juni 2014

Need For Monitoring The Transportation Isn’t Feasible To Use

       Transportation is supposed to be in a state of 100% if we want to use especially the carrying of passengers with plenty of cargo. It all as a service in the provision of service for the comfort and safety of passengers. In other countries for example, mass transportation made as comfortable as possible and promote the safety factor as well as for passenger or driver. Vehicle age was also an important aspect. Ie, after 5 years of use has always rejuvenated to support it’s operations. However, inversely related in Indonesia. Vehicle age has been more than 10 years and still operated. Where as, the establishment of standards for a mess transport have been unsuitable which means there should be a total rejuvenation. Events that recently accured at this time of the accident was the bus carrying the students from Jakarta to Subang exactly in “Emen Road”. Indead of the many stories from people around the locations described in frequent accidents resulting in casualties that has always been associated with mystical events. However, the incident was all back to the creator of the power of Allah. Evident from the result of reasearch carried out at the scene by police Subang sector found that the broke was thin and bal tires are less mastered by the path of driver. The conclusion is that used vehicles, have been unsiutable and human negligence as well. I hope this incident be the last time and and for the families left behind may be given patience and fortitude.

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