Kamis, 05 Juni 2014

Kalimalang River

      Kalimalang River is a backup source of water used for water supply in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Related services are appropriately cared for, so that water flow will not be reduced. In fact, the community also contribute to maintaining it. From my observation, this kalimalang river has a lot of potensial as khayak race etc. It serves as an intro duction kalimalang river wilder international to local communities even if management is good governance.
          That eventcan be used as an annua festival as big cities in Indonesia even as abroad. So, in addition to introducing the benefits gained kalimalang river can also introduce Bekasi City. Because, most of the area throught which the river kalimalang. In the future, could become a new tourist sites and could add APBD area too with the river maketh Kalimalang as nuanced natural tourist site.
          However, that is unfortunate is that so much silt sedimentation in stream kalimalang. The Problem was that always makes floading when the rainy season comes. See discharge water that is higher than the lips that sometimes over flowed rivers to spill into the streets. One example at traffic light intersection K.H. Noer Ali road frequent over flow. Bekasi City government offices throught the relevant agencies appear to adequately respond. Which in turn elevate the edge of the river and the access road to prevent overflow of kalimalang river water.
          Needs an execellent management to set Bekasi City in the future. So that, not Bekasi people who traveled to another city. But, an the contrary people drom another city who traveled with family to bekasi City.

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