Kamis, 05 Juni 2014

Jakarta International School

            Jakarta international school is one foreign school in Indonesia are located in Jakarta the majority of students at this school. Are foreign nationals that work, in Indonesia. Lately pedhopilia problems often arise that made children ages 1-5 as victims. In other countries such case is the same as the case of the terrorist. So, rarely heard of cases like this in other countries.
        If only there, it’s rarely because the punishment are very severe. For example, the offender is given an injection of pain lust for the culprit in Indonesia. Should also be applied as the law provide a deterrent effect. So, that when the offender want to perform these actions should think twice. However, it is not easy in practice, many observers children say when the law is applied, will cause new problems.
        In my own opinion on the matter only averaged better equated with terorism and corruption cases are shot dead. Not without reason, it’s all for the sake of the survival of the children in the future in order to live a life no fear or burden. Considering the increasing number of these cases are not only in jakarta but in other areas.
           So what if the problem is allowed to continue? Waiting without any clarity in the legal determination. Because the are also the future of this nation forward. Because if the next successor in the small nation had experiened harassment cases of pedhopilia, I’m really sure in the future they also do the same.

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