Kamis, 05 Juni 2014


       Transjakarta is a public transportation used in in Jakara which operates since 2014. Transjakarta aims to create a covenient public transportation and safe for it’s user and offset the demand for convenient and safe transportation for people, Jakarta government expanded the number of the current fleet already includes the city of Bekasi and Bogor.
          This is all for people that me know transport is available, especially in Jakarta is plentiful but the comfort factor and safety not guaranteed. Especially for those woman who have to go home unil late at night and had use public transportation like metromini, kopaja, angkot is very dangerous especially if alone. Despite the presence of transjakarta it is not entirely safe for women.
          Increase the bus fleet available was not matched by the quality of many people known as frequent buses that frequently broke down while in operation, the electrical circuit occurs that causes the burning bus and front wheel breakage. In fact there are many more such bus fleet and even unsuitable category. But, Jakarta government moved quickly to order a new bus fleet of over 1000 units to rejuvenate transjakarta bus existing. Regrerably, it turns out the bus was ordered directly from China.
          Does not match the demand like many in the rusty engine parts, broken mirrors, passanger seat torn and broken. It all seemed to smell of corruption that recently we heard the firing of the head to cause the relevant agencies. I hope, all of this can be resolved well because this is all for the public.

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