Kamis, 05 Juni 2014

Gunadarma University

         Heard the name of Gunadarma University, course you do not forget torch emblem which according to my thinking. Means zeal this campus is known as campus based IT which means campus learning. Methodology emphasizes the application. Of aspects of digital technology the number of students each year continues to increas and to date has reachead 40.000 students. It indicates that the parents really trust this campus so that their child can be educated bachelor’s degree.
          New building were made by the developer section university that aims to make easier for all students to access the location. Campus location was very strategic. However, new issues appear in the end is a parking area for vehicles. If exployed, particulary the parking area for the autonomous region Bekasi from year to year are full. Even to locations in kalimalang capacity already exceed. Ultimately the student who brought the vehicles to be parked off campus.
          Supposedly, the university authorities thinking of making a new parking lot as parking areas on campus buildings like in Gunadarma Depok. Because, if not immediately thought to making the parking area, the campus security more selfish in regulating the vehicles in the parking. For example my bike, many are broken and scratched irregular because the local security sorces don’t feel has the goods.
          It should, the campus make a new parking area. Because, all of the students had a lot of complaining about this issues and hopefully the college not closed their ears to hear to be able to find a parking in kalimalang.

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