Rabu, 25 Juni 2014

Tugas Surat Lamaran Kerja

Janeta Wulandari Ayuningtias
Jl. Sahabat Baru No.214 RT/RW 004/01
Ketapang, Banjarmasin
Kalimantan Barat
Mobile Phone: 0878-8129-8828 – Email : janetawualndari1996@yahoo.co.id
To : HRD Manager PT Maju Mundur Maju Lagi
Kalimantan Barat

Dear Sir or Madam,
I noticed that there are openings for “isi dengan posisi yang anda lamar” at PT Maju Mundur Maju Lagi. I am very interested in this position and would like to have the opportunity to be one of the successful candidates.

I believe that working with a professional team will not only enables me to gain good experiences, but also, it is my career goal to contribute my skill and knowledge in this industry.

I am a recent graduate from Merdeka Raya University, Kalimantan, with Bachelor in Computer majoring in information technology with GPA 2,89. I am very interest in this position to implement my skill, knowledge, and experience, so it could be usefull for others.

I should be delightful if you would grant me an opportunity for an interview any time at your convenience and grateful for a favorable consideration of my application.


Janeta Wulandari Ayuningtias, S.Kom


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