Rabu, 25 Juni 2014

The Power Of Thinking

        In this case, the power of thinking is essential if we are inside an organization. Why it is important to say? This is very useful because if an individual wants to take an important policy for the common good for the organization forward. Also when we have to think quickly under pressure. Individual factors here should have good intelligence. Because, the organization was in his hands going forward or backward. Many factors that make an individual may like it. For example reading, writing, or want to understand of new things that were talk of the lot at the time and still much more to be done to be able to form a personality as above. It also must be supported by a factor of nutritious food consumtion. Cause, if not the same as the case without an axe to cut down trees. So, since this times we will choose a president and vice president to preside over next 5 years. My input to the new government later, please prioritize the nutritional intake for children of the nation in addition to the field of education. My opinion, nutrient intake are related in the form of education that all children of the nation in order to be strong, smart, and have the power to live a life thinking later.

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