Rabu, 25 Juni 2014

Pantura Annual Bussiness

      Heard about the project pantura workmanship, it seems never becompleted. If constructions of course seem so long but didn’t put quality. That would be wasting of public money. Even seen already planned by the stakeholders. Many people are asking the workmanship from year to year. Because the paving is done of course can only survive less than 1 year. Why the relevant agencies don’t think fast if not done any casting. Because casting is considered stronger than paving. I wonder until now to see the streets in other countries who doing the asphalting but last very long. Whether different raw materials in Indonesia when the materials in another country. The government should do a review of the agency designated as the developer. Because if not, how long whould the annual issues like this will be completed? So, how to make the roads with goods with good quality facilities in Indonesia if the road construction in pantura just never finished.

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