Rabu, 25 Juni 2014

This Is time For Indonesia Independent In The Field Of Food

        Hundreds of years our country has been known to the world as an agricultural country from Sabang to Merauke. Evidence, from the colonial period up to foreign nations for hundreds of years. It’s purpose, to utilize all the available food resources in the archipelago. However, the curent administration would rather import food from abroad. Where as, in terms of the quality of the product can be said to be equivalent even better products in the country. For example rice. Why should import rice from Vietnam were in fact the quality is better than Vietnam. In the Alm. Soeharto era, we can be selt-sufficient in rice. In fact, we export our rice to overseas. If such happens, it seems the nickname as an agricultural country is no longer feasible to use this state. It’s just one example, there are many more products that we import from abroad. But the fact is already available in Indonesia. It is proper independent country in the field of food. Even should the whole parts so that our society is not difficult to get what they want. Because, in the article 33 of the law states that natural resources controlled by the state and fought for the greater prosperity of the people.

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